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Cosmos Holdings, INC. Releases its New Nutraceutical Brand

Cosmos Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Sky Pharm S.A., offers a first look at its Sky Premium Life® Brand of food supplements.

CHICAGO, IL- - April 19, 2018 - Cosmos Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: COSM), released the design and packaging of its first set of dietary supplements. These premium supplements boast a sleek design and packaging along with best in class formulation. The line of more than 60 products is based on vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other substances that are essential for the human body. In the process of production, are use natural ingredients with high quality, excellent purity and always in concentrations ideal for the needs of modern humans.

Cosmos Holdings CEO Gregory Siokas commented, “This marks the completion of yet another milestone for Cosmos Holdings Inc. We are gearing up and are excited to release our product line to the European market in the coming months. The excitement is also shared by our wholesale partners as we get ready to ramp up production.”

Sky Premium

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